Our Story

Imagine you’re a woman taken from your home to a foreign country by your husband, a soldier from a foreign army. Your husband is all that you have – no identification papers, and no way to communicate because you speak another language. Upon arriving to this new place, you discover the man you married already has a family. The people you encounter shun you. You are alienated and treated as an outcast.

An outcast with two children. Homeless. Without papers and without a job.

Out of desperation to survive, you sell your body to provide food and shelter for your children. It is your only option. This is the reality of the lives of Congolese women in Uganda.

Facing reality:

/some 1,500 undocumented and stranded Congolese migrant women and their children live in abject poverty and misery throughout Uganda.

/some 52% of undocumented Congolese women stranded in Uganda earn a living through prostitution, charging as little as $1.05 USD per sex act.

/Humanitarian assistance (i.e. food and aid) is nearly impossible to get, due to their lack of paperwork.

/Because of prostitution, as many as 65% of undocumented Congolese women suffer from HIV/AIDS.

Since 2010, Remnant International has been a source of hope for the Congolese women in Gulu, Uganda. Through our program, we provide women with an alternative source of income through screen printing and sewing. Aside from vocational training, we also tend to the spiritual, physical, and emotional needs of the women through mentorships, financial training, health seminars, and many other programs.